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Proudly vegan and gluten-free

If you want gluten-free and vegan friendly wines, look no further, SHAW provides both.  Although wine is made mostly with grapes, there are still brands that will add in a few other ingredients for preservative, fining or flavor reasons.  Not SHAW.  All SHAW wines are produced through sustainable agricultural practices and vegan fining techniques, using no animal products.  And, the wines are gluten free, so no grains are used during the winemaking process.

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Shaw's California wine vineyards certified organic

CCOF Certification

Our wine is made with organic grapes. This means that the grapes used are grown organically, and production of the wine must be in accordance with standards set by the National Organic Program (NOP). No chemical pesticides or chemical herbicides are allowed, but less than 100 parts per million (ppm) sulfites may be used.

More information can be found in "Organic Wine Labeling" at CCOF

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True Zero Waste Manufacturer

TRUE is the first zero waste certification program dedicated to measuring, improving and recognizing zero waste performance by encouraging the adoption of sustainable waste management and reduction practices which contribute to positive environmental, health and economic outcomes.

The transition to a truly circular economy will require us to challenge everything we’ve been taught about waste and begin viewing our materials or trash as a resource or an opportunity rather than something to simply discard.

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eco-friendly packaging

SHAW® Winery wines feature innovative and eco-friendly packaging highlighting the revolutionary glass bottle by Owen-Illinois Glass Company combined with a twist-off and twist-on Helix cork closure developed by Amorim Cork Company.

Our shipper cartons are printed on natural kraft substrate to maintain a natural look and are 100% recyclable. SHAW® Winery wines are produced at Bronco Wine Company in Ceres, California.

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